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Micro Robotics

In recent years, the convergence of several enabling technologies in the field of miniaturization, communication and mechatronic allows the possibility to realize on a large scale the revolutionary concept of miniature in vivo co-operative robots.

In the field of Surgery , these microrobots can provide vision and task assistance without the constraints of the entry incision and have been shown to possess many qualities that could be ideal to partner with the Single Incision and Natural Orifice Surgery approach.

M.I.L.A.N.O Robot TM

Minimal Invasive Light Automatic Natural Orifice Robot

Our solution is both simple in its concept and revolutionary in its format and design. 

We have taken into consideration the real life problems faced by surgeons operating in the MIS field and found effective solutions to many of their issues.

Our surgical robot is conceptually different from the existing endoscopic platforms that are just trying to improve current devices

MILANO robot brings several innovative solutions into the operatory room to make patients’ experience safer, less painful and scarless and at same time surgeons’ life easier.

Our system is composed of a unique stable platform with a built-in translation mechanism that allows the use of independent tools to achieve highly specific tasks.

Each tool may be highly specialized, potentially offering major advances in that each instrument can serve at its best in the performance of a specific task.

It deconstructs the various tools allowing for their insertion via a single abdominal or natural orifice incision and then reassembles itself once inside the cavity. Upon completion of the surgery, the surgical robot will once again deconstruct and will be pulled completely through the same single access.

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